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Bird watching is enjoyed by millions around the globe, and here in the Yuma region its popularity is soaring (pun intended).

Arizona Bird Species

Hundreds of species of birds winter in this region, while countless others make it their home year round. Birding can be casually enjoyed along the banks of the Colorado River, either by foot or boat. Egrets and herons are commonly seen, as are migrating shorebirds and waterfowl. For the more adventurous, a day of hiking in Palm Canyon can bring into view shrikes, three species of wrens, white-collared swifts performing their acrobatics in the narrow canyon, and high above, red-tail hawks or a golden eagle occasionally soar into view.

Yuma Area Wildlife Areas

The Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, Kofa’s Palm Canyon, Betty’s Kitchen Wildlife and Interpretive Area, and Cibola National Wildlife Refuge offer diverse and picturesque terrain that attract over 380 species of birds. Habitats vary from aquatic river, lake and marsh environments to terrestrial uplands with broad sandy plains, rocky foothills and desert mountain peaks.

Betty’s Kitchen provides a site for easy viewing (especially migrating warblers) while taking a comfortable walk along a well maintained trail.

The Imperial National Wildlife Refuge consists of approximately 25,000 acres along the lower Colorado River, and is an important wintering area to Canadian geese and many species of ducks.

Driving Tour

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge has established the Canada Goose Drive, a four mile drive offering close views of wintering waterfowl, especially Canadian geese, as well as great looks at sandhill cranes.

For Yuma Bird Watching information, contact:

Bureau of Land Management’s Yuma Field Office
2555 Gila Ridge Road
Yuma, AZ 85365